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Education and the Farm

Welcome Kent State University

Bridges Students!

We are pleased to announce that Kent State University's Office of Diversity Outreach and Development's Bridges students will be spending the summer with us engaged in an experiential gardening project!  Together we will plant, care for, and share the vegetables produced in a community service project determined by the students.  So, we'll work a little, talk more and have lots of fun while we grow some tasty meals for fall!

Bruce and I are excited to meet and get to know and learn about new students and their experiences, and the students will try out family gardening, with goals of learning about the benefits of small-scale gardening, increasing their awareness of opportunities to contribute to the local community environment in relationship to food, and experience the merits of civic engagement.

Garden Project 2022

Garden Project 2021

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One month later, the students plants are growing nicely and they're doing a great job caring for them!

DOD students plant their garden.  Gardening was a new experience for most.

Students also took time to learn about tunnel house gardening and growing fruits, as well as sampling the blueberries and raspberries!
The first week of August marked the second "harvest" of the students' hard work.  Leader Daniel collected 53 lb. of tasty vegetables to be sold/distributed in support of the Bridges program.
We are a little behind on photos, but as of last week, the group had harvested approx. 200 pounds of vegetables by weight, including tomatoes, beans, peppers, squash, mustard, collards, kale, corn and potatoes and have many more pounds of potatoes and greens to harvest.  This food is all non-GMO and primarily pesticide free.  It is simply farm to table, so has fewer opportunities for contamination, it's fresh, it's nutritious and no unethical employment practices were used in growing or harvesting the food.

Here we grow again!  Welcome to the 2022 Kent State University Bridges students!