Pettit's Green Thumb Farm
We are a farm to table property located in Charlestown Twp., Ravenna, Ohio.

Real homemade jelly, made from fruit grown on our farm, harvested and prepared in our kitchen. No artifical flavors, no preservatives, no chemicals. Just real, rich homemade flavor.

This year we offer 4 oz. jars of Granny's Blackberry, Rockin' Raspberry, Tangy Niagara, Sweet Red Grape, Classic Concord, Blueberry Bliss Jam, Cinnamon Candy Apple, Wild Dandelion Honey, Wild Violet, Spicy Hot Pepper, and Orchard Medley. We also offer Grandma's Apple Butter. All of our jellies, jams and apple butter are limited editions, meaning  our supply of any specific flavor is limited to the juice we have available.  

Our jellies are made from fruits grown on our farm or wild-sourced on our family property. 

The ingredients of each jar are simple: fresh juice, granulated sugar and fruit pectin.  Our jellies are all low sugar recipes, as well!  We want you to enjoy the taste of the fruit and it's a little healthier for you, too.  We use traditional glass jars with canning lids and rings. We also recycle jars and rings. You may notice a bit of rust on your jar’s ring. If your jar arrives with a ring that’s a bit rusty, congratulations! This means you have a recycled ring and are contributing to keeping our beautiful environment clean.

As a purchaser of jellies made from the best fruits the Earth has to offer, you also receive our intentions of peace, good health and opportunity. The jelly carries intentions for the future, but the outcome is yours alone. Fruits carry complex symbolic meanings and history, sometimes religion based, sometimes based on folklore, and clearly sometimes in disagreement. Eat the fruit and set your own intentions, customized for your life! Learn more about the symbolism of our fruits at this link.


TEXT -330-281-0544

Text your name, phone number and best time to reach you. We will call to take your order, answer questions and sort out the details.

Please note: we are a cash only business.

Not a fan of sweet treats?

Try our homemade marinara sauce, made from a custom selection of our homegrown San Marzano, Abe Lincoln and Jetstar tomatoes. Our special marinara sauce can be purchased for $6/pint, and our special blend of Italian herb mix is priced at $5/ 4 oz. jar. 

Please note that our herb mix is our special recipe, but we don't grow these herbs. We purchase them from organic vendors to create our unique recipe for cooking and dipping oil.

Text us at 330-281-0544 for information.

Herbal products for a healthy lifestyle!

If you'd like to learn more about our skin care balms and salves, please contact us via text at 330-281-0544 or email at  We can't make claims or promises, but we can say that we use and love our medicinal skin care products. More information provided as requested.