Pettit's Green Thumb Farm
We are a farm to table property located in Charlestown Twp., Ravenna, Ohio.

Who We Are

Pettit’s Green Thumb Farm is a family farm located in Portage County, Ohio.

We grow fruits, berries, and vegetables for the local farm to table market. Our produce includes tomatoes, green beans, kale, mustard greens, collards,  winter squash such as butternut, acorn and spaghetti squash, potatoes, turnips, peppers and brussels spouts.  Everything is individually grown, cared for, and handpicked.  We're not a volume-oriented farm, but a quality-driven operation.  We use minimal pesticides needed to produce the highest quality fruits and vegetables, with most vegetables being organically grown.

We also prepare and sell specialty jellies made 100% made from fruits grown on our farm.  They are prepared in our home kitchen in a traditional manner.  Based on availability of fruit, we offer blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, wineberry, dandelion, elderberry, red, niagara and concord grape, hot pepper, orchard medley, peach and pear jellies. The ingredients of each jar are simple: fresh juice, granulated sugar and fruit pectin.  Our jellies are all low sugar recipes, as well!  We want you to enjoy the taste of the fruit and it's a little healthier for you, too.  We use traditional glass jars with canning lids and rings. We also recycle jars and rings. You may notice a bit of rust on your jar’s ring. If your jar arrives with ring that’s a bit rusty, congratulations! This means you have a recycled ring and are contributing to keeping our beautiful environment clean.

Look for us on Facebook at Pettit’s Green Thumb Farm. Send us a friend request and you can stay connected and up to date on what’s in season and ready for your table! We welcome your feedback, questions and suggestions. Please email us at, or phone Farmer Pettit at 330-281-0544.

Farm News

We are excited to share that, in addition to our existing pollinator field, we were chosen by the US Dept. of Agriculture for a joint collaboration in creating a second 1-acre  pollinator field on our farm.  Like the first field, this field will host a wide variety of Ohio native wildflowers and provide a home to honeybees (and other pollinator bees and bugs) and butterflies.  The preparation and planting process was completed in spring and plants are emerging now!  Soon, we will have over 2.5 acres of dedicated habitat for bees and butterflies.

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Restoring History

Our farm property hosts a late 1800's era home, barn and outbuildings, approx. 140 years old. The home was built entirely from hand-hued timbers, and barn and outbuildings also retain much of their original wood.  It is our project to restore and make use of these beautiful and historic buildings in our business. The restoration process of the home is ongoing, and we re pleased to share our progress with our customers and friends through this link.  With a lot of hard work and a little luck, we hope to invite the public to visit the new farm visitor center in the spring of 2024.